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Matched ranges

Provision of decoration services


Everything: visual, design, logos,

Marketing and presentation arguments,

Thematic ranges,


Thematic proposal,

Model of this website Bettina L is copyright

All my visual or intellectual creations

are the result og a huge work of creativity and reflexion

in order to make all those designs and concepts original

and to propose them to my professional customers


They are copyright in France, in Europe and at the international in all countries having signed and signing Berne Convention

Originality of my working process

and my creativity

are my spearheads

to propose visuals and original concepts


The originality attracting the conform copy or the inspiration

Some private persons ,

Marketing Department, Stylism or Creation

whether huge or little companies

lacking inspiration and professional ethic

thinking law would not touch them

feel free to take inspiration or to copy

thanks to their statute, the size of their company or their networks


The conform copy or the beginning of an inspiration

that would prejudice me in any way


is an infringement of the intellectual property

punished by the law

that notices an infringement of the creation


the associated harms



If one of my custumers or partners

one visual or creation 

I sold to them

they can take formal action

for infringement of intellectual property

as punished by the law

and ask for damages and compensation 


I will them tranmit to them documents 

to constitute their legal case


I will then associate to them 

against all type of companies  and persons

as far as author of the creation and derivated products






Bettina L